Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Where Did Ebola Come From?

by Dr. Andrew Fabich on October 13, 2014
The Genesis of Germs
In The Genesis of Germs, author Professor Alan Gillen shows that constantly mutating diseases are proof for devolution rather than evolution.
Several months ago, friends of mine were planning a trip to Liberia. They were just about to head over when they got the news that there was an Ebola outbreak. At the time, they contacted me to find out just how safe or unsafe it was in Liberia. They knew more about what to expect on the trip to Liberia, but they were unsure of what to expect in terms of Ebola infecting as many people as it had. At the time, the death toll was in the hundreds (recent estimates suggest that the death toll is over 4,000).1 I began trying to help them understand a few things about Ebola so they could make an informed decision. Since that time, I have noticed a number of websites have arisen with misinformation and sensationalism that misleads the public about how severe a threat Ebola is.

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Little Trees? A Soft Carpet? No, It's a Gecko Foot!

You only have to look outside to be struck by the beautiful things God made.
You only have to look outside to be struck by the beautiful things God made. But that beauty doesn’t stop with what your peepers can see. Zooming in with a microscope shows a whole new world of awesome (don’t be surprised if your jaw drops a time or two).

Gecko Foot

Hairy feet may not seem like such a great thing to us. But gecko toes have millions of tiny hairs that split at the ends into even tinier strands. The molecules on the strands latch onto pretty much any surface and help these lizards walk upside down. (click on the above link to read entire article.)

Gecko Feet