Saturday, March 12, 2016

Apatosaurus Display in Booth

We've dressed up our Apatosaurus femur bone display with this new banner. It explains some of the evidences for "recent" burial of dinosaurs in the flood of Noah's time, i.e. osteocytes and red blood cells in dinosaur bones, and C14 still in dinosaur bones. If dinosaurs have been extinct for millions of years, the bones would be rock solid (or decayed), and could not have fresh tissue still inside them. It all points to exactly how the Bible recounts the history of both man and dinosaurs. Both were created on Day 6, both were originally plant eaters (there was no death in the prefect Garden), and both have been corrupted and cursed due to sin. What a magnificent creature the Apatosaurus must have been. And what a Great God we serve, who left their bones in the earth to remind us of his righteous judgment and the salvation he offered those in Noah's day by the Ark. Today we know Jesus is our Ark of Salvation, keeping us safe from God's judgment if we'll only trust him!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Another Creation Museum in the Works! This one in Dallas, Tx

Online Tour of the Future Museum

ICR is ready! The ICR Museum of Science and Earth History will be the culmination of decades of study and research. God has opened the door to make this a reality.
History of Science—Learn the keys of the scientific method and how following them leads to discoveries that confirm Scripture.
Origin of the Universe—Explore the wonders of the universe and learn about big problems with the Big Bang.
Garden of Eden—Feel the majesty of the stunning display of variety and created kinds in God’s “very good” creation.
DNA—Discover what cutting-edge research reveals about humans, chimps, and genomic studies. See how science reveals the flaws in evolutionary theory.
Noah’s Ark and the Flood—Step into the Ark and experience evidence for the worldwide Genesis Flood in an immersive Ark exhibit.
Grand Canyon—Peer into Grand Canyon and learn how geologists uncover the mysteries of the past. See how Mount St. Helens provides clues to the present.
Dinosaurs—Interact with dinosaur holograms. Explore the science of soft-tissue research. Discover the truth behind the behemoth and leviathan.
Fossils and Buried Clues—Become a paleontologist as you go on a fossil dig!
The Ice Age and Ice Age Theater—Experience the Flood causing a massive Ice Age. Stand between the tusks of a life-size wooly mammoth!
Interactive Exhibits and More—New research, fresh discoveries, and opportunities to explore science further will be constantly changing—a new experience on each visit.
Planetarium—Travel the stars in a 3-D planetarium. Watch how God designed order and creativity among the cosmos.
Auditorium—Expert presentations by ICR scientists with the latest research.
Museum Store—Equip yourself with resources and refuel with a light snack and drink.
Outdoor Park—Relax, eat, or play in a beautiful, picturesque park surrounded by life-size dinosaurs.