Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Amazing, Living Cell and the Complexity of Healing. Only by Design.....

Pioneering Adult Stem Cell Treatment Helps Man Recover Sight After 15 Years
London, England (Lifenews.com) -- A man who was partially blinded when ammonia was squirted in his eye during an attack 15 years ago has regained his sight after receiving a pioneering stem cell treatment, according to a London Guardian report. Russell Turnbull, 38, suffered massive damage to his right eye when he was caught in a scuffle after a night out in Newcastle in 1994. On the bus home, Turnbull had tried to intervene in a fight between two men but was injured when one of them began squirting passengers with ammonia. The chemical severely scarred Turnbull's cornea, the clear membrane that covers the front of the eye, and destroyed stem cells that usually help keep the cornea healthy. "I was in unbearable pain. It burned my eye shut," Turnbull told the Guardian. "I was in hospital for two weeks and eventually I was able to open the eye again. It was like looking through scratched perspex." Turnbull was left with "limbal stem cell deficiency" (LSCD), a condition that seriously impairs sight, and was in pain every time he blinked or saw bright lights. In an experimental treatment devised by doctors at the North East England Stem Cell Institute in Newcastle, stem cells were taken from Turnbull's healthy eye and grown on a layer of amniotic tissue, which is routinely used as a burn dressing. The NHS banks amniotic sacs donated by women who have had a Caesarean section. When the cells had covered the membrane, a piece the size of a postage stamp was transplanted onto Turnbull's damaged eye. Two months later the membrane had broken down, leaving his damaged eye with a fresh supply of healthy stem cells, which repaired the cornea. Eye tests six months after surgery showed that Turnbull's vision was nearly as good as it had been before the attack.

I wish my apple trees were disease resistant!

As a lover of my fruit trees I found this article interesting. Again, the evidence in biology points to Genesis. Read on...


Fresh Salamander Tissue found in Solid Rock

When I read articles such as this one I am amazed that so called scientists continue to embrace the millions of years ideology. Many similar finds such as what has been reported here point to catastrophe-recently and pointing to the events of "Noah's flood" (Genesis 6-9).



Monday, December 28, 2009

Dr. Gary Parker on Video

Dr. Parker was a biology teacher and evolutionist. He believed in evolution and taught evolution to his students. Listen to his story about how the "evidence" caused him to ponder his beliefs and what he concluded........



For my very first posting on the What's the Evidence? blog I will share an article on a topic that captures the imagination of adults and children alike. ENJOY!!


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Happy New Year!