"This can't be!"

Something secular scientists never would have predicted is soft, unfossilized tissues in specimens believed to be millions of years old. One such scientist stated, "This can't be!". However, as a scientist who believes the Bible, this is not at all surprising. Because we read the account of a catastrophic flood about 4,500 years ago (Genesis 6-8), this is not surprising and causes us no distress. The evidence fits our presuppositions.
ICR.org has a short article with a nice chart listing many such specimens. http://www.icr.org/soft-tissue-list/
I am beginning a list of samples found in the fossils record that are what Bible believers would predict, fresh tissue. The list is growing as scientists continue to find more and more examples. Here we go!
1. Unfossilized dinosaur bones with red blood cells and hemoglobin said by secularist scientists to be 65 million years old.

2. Supposed 50 million year old lizard leg with skin and connective tissue

3. Intact squid ink sac. Ink was used to draw a picture- "said" to be 160 million years old.

4. Melanosomes in a fossil feather of Archaeopteryx that reveal the bird was black.

5. Melanosomes and keratin together in a supposed 130 million year old bird.