Thursday, February 12, 2015

DNA-Evidence for Creation

February 24, 2015

Jay Seegert

Evolution: Probable or Problematic?

Creation in 6 Days?
Kettle Moraine Bible Church
204 S. 7th Ave.
West Bend, WI

Evolution: Probable or Problematic?

Jay will demonstrate that various aspects of evolution actually seem fairly plausible to many people, including Christians.  For example, a fish slowly turning into an amphibian… with the fins being slightly modified into short legs/feet and being able to crawl up on land and breath air.  So from a certain distance or vantage point, things can appear to be quite plausible or look very good.  However, when you “look under the hood” you see a completely different picture.
In this talk, Jay will “take a look under the hood” regarding what actually has to happen genetically in order for a single cell organism to change into a human being.  He will show how DNA works and point out a serious problem with the concept of evolution.  By the end of the lecture, the audience sees how utterly impossible molecules-to-man evolution really is, even though portions of their story occasionally seem plausible.

Creation in Six Days? - A Biblical and Scientific Analysis

There is a lot of debate and confusion over the length of the “days” in the Genesis creation account. The most straight-forward interpretation seems to indicate they are normal solar days, but this would be in conflict with the view common amongst most astronomers and other scientists that the universe is almost 15 billion years old. In this talk, both Scripture and science are examined and reasons for why we can confidently trust the straight-forward reading are presented in a very gracious and encouraging manner.

About the Speaker:
Jay Seegert is the Co-Founder & Principal Lecturer for the Creation Education Center (, as well as a former national speaker for Creation Ministries International.  He also served as President of the Creation Science Society of Milwaukee, Inc. for 3 years.

Jay is an Ambassador and Board Member of Logos Research Associates and is also a speaker for Ratio Christi.

Jay has degrees in Physics and Engineering and has been speaking on the Creation/Evolution controversy for over 25 years.