Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Wisconsin Dells Geology Tour Sept. 2022

Mount Simon Sandstone- called Tapeats in Grand Canyon

Meanwhile, back at the park families came through the Genesis Walk Museum.

Geology talk in the "gulch".

One of the 4 groups.

The dog jump was a success!

Unique fractures seen here. As The Flood waters receded the higher sedimentary layers washed away and the pushing up action of the lower layers caused the cracks.


A Few Pictures from Summer 2022 Fairs

Kids love dinosaurs! The Bible explains their demise.

Randy engaged in conversation with skeptics.

The hearing impaired couple loved the Genesis Mural!

The Gospel is in Genesis. 

Teenagers in the Creation Room watching Genesis Paradise Lost.


Monday, September 19, 2022

Deeply Rooted Seminar October 22 in West Bend, WI

Deeply Rooted Seminar

Event Details

  • Date:  – 
  • Venue: Bend City Church


    • The seminar is free to attend, however please RSVP by reserving a free ticket at the link above.
    • Child care (if you wish to use that) is just $15 total for up to 3 children or $20 total for 4+.  Please RESERVE childcare by paying for the appropriate childcare ticket below.  Please note that you only need 1 childcare ticket for up to 3 children or just 1 ticket for 4+ children.  We will reach out to your provided email to find out how many children you have reserved your ticket for.


    • 9:00AM: Manuscript Evidence – Is the Bible reliable? Michael Lane,
    • 10:00AM: Prophetic Evidence – Is Jesus the Messiah? Michael Lane
    • 11:00AM: What am I? – Who does the Bible say I am in contrast to the world? Jay Seegert
    • AYL: The Genesis Walk Museum Presented by What’s the Evidence?
  • More details:
    • 9 AM Is the Bible Reliable? Presented by Michael Lane, Evidence 4 Faith (evidence4faith.org) Wasn’t the Bible handed down by oral tradition for centuries before it was put in print? Isn’t the Bible full of copying errors? Wasn’t the Bible altered by Emperor Constantine in 325 A.D. to fit his view of Christianity? These and more questions will be addressed and answered in this presentation. Evidence to its reliability will be shown, including the accuracy it has miraculously maintained through the millennia. You will see through artifacts and learn that you can trust the Bible. 10 AM Is Jesus the Messiah? Presented by Michael Lane, Evidence 4 Faith People today often ask if Jesus was truly the Messiah that the Jews were looking for. Beginning in Genesis and concluding in Malachi, the entire Old Testament has a common thread running through it about the Messiah. God spoke to the men who wrote the Old Testament detailing clues of how they would recognize the Messiah when He came, His purpose in coming, and details about His life and ministry. Many of the major Messianic Prophecies will be addressed in this presentation and how Jesus fulfilled them all. This alone is considered a miracle, that one man would fulfill each prophecy. 11 AM What Am I? Presented by Jay Seegert, The Starting Point Project (thestartingpointproject.com) Who we are determines what we do and how we act. Where we think we came from (i.e., our origins) determines who we think we are. The world is constantly trying to redefine who we are and their views sit in stark contrast to what we find in Scripture. This presentation not only highlights who we are in God's eyes, being created in His image, but also shares some fascinating details from science that powerfully confirm the accuracy of the biblical narrative... we are "fearfully and wonderfully made!” AT YOUR LEISURE (OUTSIDE) Genesis Walk Museum Presented by What’s the Evidence? (genesiswalk.org) The Genesis Walk Museum is a mobile multisensory experience that brings the Bible to life. The museum is full of displays that show the Bible is true and answers questions like: Did God use evolution? Is natural selection biblical? What about the supposed ape-men? How old is the Earth? What happened to the dinosaurs? Is there evidence for a worldwide flood? Does the geologic column show evolution? If God is good, why do we suffer? Displays include fossils, dinosaur tattoos, butterflies, skull replicas of a human and a chimp, a penny machine, amazing wall graphics, resources, and MORE!

Saturday, July 30, 2022

Sunday July 31 Event


We will be in Kiel, WI from 4:30 through the VBS event. Looks like a great family evening and all week! 

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Summer Fairs - Genesis Walk Museum

 Once again we are very excited to be at the fairs in Wisconsin. These are two GREAT fairs! Both family-friendly, great food and activities. We hope to see you there!

Waukesha County Fair  July 20 to 24

Ozaukee County Fair August 3 to 7

We also plan to be at some one day events and will keep you posted.

Friday, April 15, 2022

Saturday, April 9, 2022