Friday, November 30, 2012

Mutation Study Confirms Biblical History

The article below (and continued at the link) is scientific confirmation of the historical accuracy of the Bible. The study confirms what the Bible states, man has been "devolving", or going in the opposite direction of "evolution". After sin and death came into the world, genetic mutations began and just keep getting worse with each generation. Modern man is only a shadow of what God created man to be. We wait for the return of Christ when the curse will be gone, yet we rejoice now that the price for our sins has been paid by His blood.  
Study shows surge of bad disease genes in Europeans
A scan of all the mutations in the human gene map shows something surprising – people of European descent are evolving fast, and not for the better.
The study finds that in the past 5,000 years, European-Americans have developed a huge batch of potentially harmful genetic mutations – many more than African-Americans.
The study, published in the journal Nature, may help explain why so many people develop diseases even though they don’t have common genetic mutations. It can also help explain why different people have so many different reactions to the same drug, said Joshua Akey of the University of Washington in Seattle who led the study.
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Here are some good articles to help you put on your Biblical glasses when pondering the history of man:

More Mutations Mean More Diseases, Less Evolutionby Brian Thomas, M.S. *
The science of genetics continues to refute the notion that humans evolve by natural selection of beneficial mutations. One recent study used next-generation techniques to compare the detailed sequences of 202 genes in 14,002 people.1 They discovered that many people have rare, individual differences in their gene sequences. And those differences, or "variants," were probably caused by mutations and arose in the last few thousand or fewer years. The variants that everybody carries raise difficult questions for evolution to answer, while they confirm biblical creation.
Publishing in Science, the extensive gene survey discovered "an abundance of rare single-nucleotide variants compared with common variants."1 Rare variants include those that perhaps only one or two people or a family possesses, and common variants are DNA differences that are shared by larger people groups. The vast majority of variants are rare. What does this mean?
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Time—no friend of evolution

Our downhill genetic slide fits the biblical creation timeline

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Many evolutionary biologists say they can’t understand how creationists, “even rational ones with Ph.D.s in biology”,1 can deny evolution when “we see evolution happening in front of our eyes”. To them, the easily observable genetic changes in today’s populations of living things are an ‘obvious’ demonstration that microbes-to-man evolution is a fact. Just give it enough time, they say, and these observable little changes would accumulate, and, filtered by natural selection, would eventually add up to the big changes that turned pond scum into people, etc.
The issue is not the amount of change we observe, but the direction.
Sounds logical enough. So where’s the error?
The issue is not the amount of change we observe, but the direction.2 The observable changes that evolutionists cite as evidence for their paradigm, such as in sticklebacks,3 bighorn sheep,4 Atlantic cod,5 pollution-resistant worms,6 and antibiotic and pesticide resistance,7,8,9 are all going the wrong way. They’re the direct opposite of what microbes-to-man evolution requires.
Adding up these ‘downhill’ changes can never result in the ‘uphill’ evolutionary frog-to-prince progression.
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