Saturday, March 12, 2016

Apatosaurus Display in Booth

We've dressed up our Apatosaurus femur bone display with this new banner. It explains some of the evidences for "recent" burial of dinosaurs in the flood of Noah's time, i.e. osteocytes and red blood cells in dinosaur bones, and C14 still in dinosaur bones. If dinosaurs have been extinct for millions of years, the bones would be rock solid (or decayed), and could not have fresh tissue still inside them. It all points to exactly how the Bible recounts the history of both man and dinosaurs. Both were created on Day 6, both were originally plant eaters (there was no death in the prefect Garden), and both have been corrupted and cursed due to sin. What a magnificent creature the Apatosaurus must have been. And what a Great God we serve, who left their bones in the earth to remind us of his righteous judgment and the salvation he offered those in Noah's day by the Ark. Today we know Jesus is our Ark of Salvation, keeping us safe from God's judgment if we'll only trust him!