Saturday, September 22, 2018

Transformed by the Evidence

I have been fascinated by the stories of Christian scientists who once believed in evolution, but were, Transformed by the Evidence.
When I was in high school, and even microbiology in nursing school a few years ago, I learned that DNA was read in one direction. There was no mention of layering or backwards coding. Jay Seegert, a creation speaker, talks about the dynamics of DNA in one DVD.
And in his book Transformed by the Evidence, by Jerry Bergmann Ph.D he includes the account of Tom Hennigan, who is an associate professor of biology at Truett-McConnell College. Mr. Hennigan gives a stunning analogy of DNA complexity.
Let me quote what he wrote regarding the complexity of DNA. He explains that DNA is made up of "multiple instructions embedded within multiple instructions in multiple directions." He goes on to explain, "if you read the book from front to back, you would learn all about building a car. If you read it from back to front, you would learn how to design the electrical circuitry of a house. Starting in the middle and reading forward then backward you could learn a new language or, alternatively, if you began reading in the middle, reading backward, and then forward, you would learn calculus. The complexity is mind boggling and inconsistent with random natural process.

Yes, indeed, "In the beginning, God"....

This book, "Transformed by the Evidence"  has been so phenomenal! Men and women are coming to know Christ, or develop a deeper walk with Him because of the evidence leading to belief in a historical Genesis chapters 1-11. This is too good to not share:

By one contributing author, Jonathan Bartlett, "When I believed in an old earth, it meant that most of history was disconnected from the Biblical narrative. Now, when I think of the Paleozoic, I think of the onset of the flood; when I think of the stars, I think of the fourth day of Creation; when I think of the K/T boundary (the geological layer above the dinosaurs with very few fossils), I think about the end of the flood, and Noah releasing the animals to repopulate the earth. Christianity becomes not just one part of my life, and one part of the history of the world, but rather a total truth about the whole history of the earth."