Friday, November 30, 2018

Speaking event in West Bend, WI

If you want to experience New Testament times simply go out and teach God's Word to our culture. It will happen! We are commanded to speak the truth in love. That we did Tuesday evening at the speaking event hosted by What's the Evidence? Some mocked and others said we will hear you again! I want to thank you all for praying for this event. We saw the Lord working. Here's a short recap: We were at the posted capacity of 35, plus the 5 of us from the team. It was a diverse crowd of Christians, college age, older folks, a current school board member, 3 former school board members, a friend who brought a young Muslim woman, 2 men who seemed to come just to be disruptive, and the local LGBTQ representation. Randy did an excellent job laying the foundation of Genesis. He used lots of Scripture about creation, mankind (male and female) made in God's image, marriage, sin and the fall, the promised Savior, Noah's flood and Babel. He put some science into the topics, and brought up racism, Darwinism and Darwin's ideas about women and the "savages", Margaret Sanger, evolution taught in schools and the icons of evolution and the hope that we can get back to teaching just science in school. He ended by comparing worldviews, Biblical vs Secular and how each affects how people live. We experienced that during the Q and A time! A lot to cover but it was very good!!
Mary welcoming the guests and introducing What's the Evidence? to them.

Randy during his engaging talk.