Friday, April 9, 2021

Progress on Creation Room and Hall of Questions

 As you enter the Genesis Walk Museum you will first come to the Hall of Questions. Many of us wonder: Does God really exist?, How did Noah get all the animals on the ark?, Is evolution true? Did God use evolution?,  If God is good, why do we suffer?, Why do people around the world look different?, What happened to the dinosaurs? 

These questions will be presented on the walls in this area. Moving forward you will enter the Creation Room. Here you will watch a 6 minute video of what occurred in Creation Week. There will be 7 colorful, creative posters giving details of each day. Throughout all this will be displays pointing to the Everlasting God

We have been working hard to get ready for summer 2021. Ready to go and be a light to the world, give answers, and point folks to Christ. 

I will keep you posted! Thank you for praying for us. 
Foyer/Hall of Questions

Large screen TV that will show 6 minute video of Genesis 1

Above: Creation Room under construction