Friday, August 13, 2021

First Fairs Report

 The Genesis Walk Museum was very well received at the first two fairs! Thousands of people of all ages came through. We had so many conversations with people and gave out a lot of resources. It was awesome to see kids watching the 6 minute Genesis Paradise Lost video and marveling at what God did in those 6 days, and then rested. People often gasped in amazement as they walked into the beautiful Creation Room. Our old displays were used for the back of the museum and were loved by all, as usual. Our task this fall and winter is finishing the rest of the story (Genesis 3-11 and Jesus). Thank you for praying for us. Please continue. We see God in this and are excited to continue onward for the glory of His name. Enjoy a few pictures.

The museum is a kid magnet! 

Some of the displays in the back.

Inside the Creation Room

The back of the museum that will be finished this fall and winter (Genesis 3-11 and Jesus) with displays.

People of all ages come and see what God has done!

The entryway called The Hall of Questions,
 and visitors watching
Genesis Paradise Lost in the Creation Room.

Each day of creation has its own poster
 filled with scientific information
 all pointing to the Creator.