Thursday, January 10, 2019

Isn't this indoctrination?

I sat in during a 7th grade social studies class today at Badger Middle School in West Bend, WI. The students are learning about "human evolution". During the class the students were to use the picture to the right and put in chronological order how "man evolved from animals". There were links to sites like the Smithsonian's, What Does it Mean to Be Human, page. The students were also told dinosaurs went extinct 66 million years ago during the K2 event in Mexico. One girl wisely asked the teacher,  "How do you know" it happened that long ago. The teacher said he wasn't sure; there could be more causes.
I say, good for that girl!! She wasn't swallowing the shallow statements.
Yet, the information was given with such authority;  no other explanations were allowed, and no evidence presented that contradicts what was presented.
One boy was making ape sounds during the class. I ask, if we tell kids they are animals won't they act like it? Yes, indeed!
I was not allowed to talk so I remained silent. After the class the staff member who escorted me to and from class asked how it went. I explained how I thought it went and asked him if he believed he evolved from apes. He shrugged his shoulders and would not answer me.
So, kids are taught as fact something the adults cannot even defend. Is this not indoctrination?

Why are kids not told that soft, stretchy tissues has been found in unfossilized dinosaur bones? That more and more scientists deny "Lucy" is our ancestor? That "Lucy" was a 3.5 foot chimp and was a tree dweller and not bipedal. That the bones found in the earth had no flesh or eyes in them but that artists make the bones look human? That it is a story made up to try and explain our origins without a Creator. That man evolving from a chimp through mutations and natural selection is mathematically not possible- and most scientists know it!

Well, as God grants us the opportunities we will continue to press on and speak the truth in love. Pray for us!